Monday, 24 November 2014

A trip to Western Civilization: Verona & Treviso, Italy

It was one of these days on the road; so for those, who don’t like to spend at least 10 hours in a bus watching the landscapes through the window it could seem to be quite tiring: streams and rivers coming down from the mountains, newly-dressed forests, fields, and roads, and fields again; checkpoints and stops at the filling stations every three hours, coffee and sandwiches, faces, uniforms and dialect changes…
The road signs changed from blue to green and the writings from German to Italian.

We were coming to Verona. It is very hard to be objective about it, because the closer we came to it the worse was the weather. It was raining heavily and it was 8 o’clock in the evening when we arrived. We were met by our guide standing in the puddles holding an umbrella and the new local folks who were probably Nigerians and Moroccans before. They were selling umbrellas. It was easy to understand that they would be selling sunglasses in case of a sunny weather. The rain, the locals and Chinese umbrellas – it was still Italy.
Somehow Shakespeare chose Verona to be Romeo and Juliette’s city to fall in love and die. The reason why he’s done it remained a mystery for me; however, it’s now the place for mass pilgrimage of those who fell in love, lost or would like to find it, so may be the municipality should have thought about opening of a special center for broken-hearted… I beg your pardon for my sarcasm, yet I am sure it could raise extra funds.
All jokes aside even though it was raining so hard it was impossible to neglect the medieval beauty of the center of the city: you could imagine the way people were walking in and out of the gates of Castel Vecchio: whisking merchants, haughty grandees, proud knights and their ladies; the times of prosperity and decline, feasts and famine and floods were passing along the brick walls which didn’t surrender.
Afterwards we spent the night in a small hotel La Meridiana in Treviso.
The morning greeted us with a splendid weather...

I would say that it was rather picturesque, the staff was nice and polite and we had a very square meal with a wide variety of food. I would totally recommend this hotel to those who travel by car or by bus in a group, because it is far away both from Verona and Venice (those places that you would probably want to visit), but the prices are very reasonable, especially if you book a room (rooms) for more than 3 people. 

Our room in La Meridiana hotel. It was quite a comfortable room with everything that you would need inside of a room if you stay just for a night. It is totally worth mentioning that almost all of the hotels in Italy have a bidet in a bathroom unlike those in Hungary or Germany, comparing accomodations in the same price range. Everything was very clean and neat.

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